Women in Phage

Women in Phage is a community of women in bacteriophage research.

Background & Motivation

Did you know that female Nobel Prize winners in scientific fields only comprise 3% of all winners?

Let that sink in.

We all have witnessed the disparities between males and females in the STEM world — more specifically in research. This gap has been slowly mending over the past decade, yet it still needs to be addressed. A platform where female phage researchers can share their stories and experiences will be beneficial in inspiring the youngsters to pursue this field.

We aspire to create a community where all phage scientists — and particularly female scientists — can gather to discuss findings and navigate through these promising areas. WIB presents our humble attempt to gather all female phage researchers in one place to share their experience and prosper together.


In this dark era of antibiotic resistance, bacteria have evolved to resist all sorts of medications. Phage therapy presents a promising solution to this critical issue. However, despite the early successes, there is a long way to go.

So, the mission of Women In Phage (WIP) is to implement a platform that wouldn’t merely be a safe haven for female scientists but also pave the way for microbiology undergraduate students with an avid interest in the field by connecting them with researchers and professors from all over the globe. Bi-yearly conferences will be arranged so that avid researchers can collaborate more effectively. Regular webinars will be held to debate about research procedures and discuss the latest publications.

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About the Founder

My name is Fatma Abdelrahman, MSc Student, and I like to believe I’m one of the biggest bacteriophage enthusiasts out there. Ever since I was a university student, I was utterly fascinated by the way phages function in their perpetual war against bacteria. From then, I devoted my time and efforts to becoming a bacteriophage researcher. This dream was finally realized in 2018 when I was accepted to work in the center for microbiology and phage therapy at Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt.

However, my passion for the field didn’t cease there, I wanted to kickstart something that would unite phage scientists and inspire them, and thus Women In Phage was born.

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